Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Florida Color

It has taken me a long time to feel that I am part of the true nature of what makes Florida, Florida. It is a beautiful place with its green and lush surroundings and its never ending sunny days. I guess for most people it would be utopia, it wasn't for me for a very long time. I missed the type of green that turns different colors, colors like burnt umber and orcha. I miss the type of light you can see on cool mornings at dusk when the light transforms fields of high grass covered with dew into something that only for a few moments sparkle like diamonds.

I have been taking walks with my daughter every morning since we are both on vacation and both got cameras for Christmas. I am trying to reveal to her the beauty of the not so obvious, of the things that are not hidden but just have to be looked at with an open mind to see it's beauty. Even as a small child she has always had an amazing sense of composition and is enjoying seeing the world in a deeper more emotional way.

The image above is a photo I took on our walk yesterday. Yes it was a warm, sunny day, perfect weather but we were not looking for pretty flowers we were in search of our Florida. The colors of this fallen palm frond are silvery gray with hints of green, a color so reflective of "my Florida". The fronds stay dry and hard and don't decompose as quickly as fallen leaves up north. The color is unique because of its surroundings, unique to a place that I didn't fit into. Now, slowly after so many years I am enjoying the details of what makes Florida so beautiful, to me. Colors do change here with the seasons. I just have to love where I am so I can see the Florida that is uniquely mine with all it's many faces and colors. This is true about any place we live, even if we didn't choose that place. I promise you, you can find beauty in the places where you think are void of it. Simply open your mind and heart and it will reveal its self to you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That leaf literally looks painted-beautiful! I wonder what you'd see here in Georgia; Come on over & explore!!! (well, maybe when its warmer!!) Miss T in the ATL

January 5, 2010 at 11:53 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

I'm crazy about your blog, I hope you like mine (naturally)!! <3


February 7, 2010 at 9:33 PM  

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