Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Popcorn Trails

Oh so natural... 100% wool and Aloo Himalayan Nettle Plant Yarn. Wrap it around your neck you have plenty of this lush scarf at 73 inches long.

Aloo Himalayan Nettle Plant Yarn: You can't get much more earth-friendly and fair-trade than "Aloo" from Himalaya Yarn, a natural fiber handspun by families in Nepal through a cottage industry. The Himalayan Giant Nettle plant grows perennially, resists disease and pests (obviating the use of pesticide in its cultivation), and produces a rugged, moth repellant fiber similar to raw linen. The Nepalese have traditionally used coarse aloo for centuries to make hard-wearing fishing nets, string bags, and storage totes; they have now extended its use to the carpet industry. However, extra sorting, spinning, and washing render it softer, suitable for home accessories and even garments. Aloo's hollow core traps air for insulation, and blends well with wool, adding extra durability and bug protection for blankets, rugs and storage bags. Way cool look!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is FUN!! Winding it any which way & twisting it into your own personal style of choice is great. It looks very cozy & comfy! I have to get out the brown scarf you made-its already chilly out here, believe it or not... I TREASURE that scarf!!! Miss T in the ATL

October 7, 2009 at 12:34 AM  

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