Monday, June 29, 2009

You have to see this... just lovely, don't miss out.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

“Let the beauty you love, be what you do.” -Rumi

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Inspirational Home in North Carolina

This place so inspires me!!!! and yes, I am a country girl at heart. This first photo is a shot of the thick forest that is on part of the twenty acres in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. I spent an entire two weeks in the small cottage on the property, wandering around open artist studios, attending a lecture at Appalachian State University and looking for salamanders. All in all a very relaxing and adventurous time. I should have taken more photos of the amazing studios I visited but I guess I was having to much fun talking to the artist and seeing the great work that is produced in the great North Carolina mountains. The local artist open their studios twice a year, in the beginning of summer and before Christmas, this is the time to buy directly from the artist and not pay the pumped up gallery prices. I loved the work of Kerstin Davis, Stacey Lane and Sylvie Rosenthal. Check out the Penland School of Craft website for amazing work and the school is only 20 minutes from the property. My husband will be taking a class this summer and hopefully I will be taking one in the near future.

1. Benny my furry buddy.
2. Sculpture on the campus at Appalachian State University.
3. One of the many waterfalls on the property.
4. Nick Joerling and Lisa Burns studio
5. Me looking for crawdads and salamanders.

1. Outside shot of one of the pretty studios.
2. Penland post office.
3. Paul working hard running wires so we can have some light.
3. My hubby washing dishes... we don't have running water in the cabin yet.
4. Me putting on my boots for a morning trek and Prezel peeking from under the ladder.

1. Lovely shot of the outside of the cafe at Penland, great food by the way.
2. Me washing dishes...I HAVE LIGHT!!!!! Benny keeping me company.
3. Our loft set up with our new Memory Foam bed. We just couldn't handle one more night on the air mattress that kept on deflating. Wal-Mart has 5 dollar movies, so we would watch them on our handy dandy MAC laptop.
4. Finally found a crawdad, isn't he cute?
5. I set up a board so we can pin up the souvenirs we would collect from our daily adventures. Oh yes and in the bottom of the photo you can see Paul's BBQ dinner.

1. I made SawDust girl from the sawdust Paul would leave on the floor after making the holes for the electrical. I made her so she can watch over the cabin and keep it safe and happy.
2. We discovered a great neighbors/artist Linda Sharpless.
3. The fish is from the Penland gallery, I am sorry but I did not write down the name, love the work.
4. Paul's early Father's Day gift, an Art Deco cedar chest to keep our linens from getting yucky.
5. Outside garden of a ceramic artist.
6. I had to take a photo next of the Bee road sign... bye for now. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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