Monday, April 13, 2009

New pieces that premiered at the Gallery

Here are all the new pieces I was working on for the "Organic Expressions" show, I hope you like them and send me a comment.

Three Worlds of Tatiana

This earth loving piece has two types of seed pods, glass beads, leather, wool, parts of a palm tree and blue yarn. When you place it around your neck you can hear the seeds that are locked inside the pods. Enjoy being part of nature when you wear this piece.

Seeds of Florida

This piece started with part of a palm tree I found. I thought it was very beautiful and looked like a crown. I added raw wool fiber so it would not lose it's natural look and feel. The bead you see on the bottom right corner, comes from Africa and is made of bone. I used a metal chain and silver wire to make the piece more metropolitan and modern. The mix of natural objects like the shells and the metal chain is how I see my surroundings here in Florida. 

America the Beautiful

The dress was inspired and made from a quilt that is over 100 years old from the mountains of North Carolina. Antique lace, tea dyed embroidered fabric and silk and cotton yarn were brought together to make this "American" dream dress. A rooster, a typical farm animal is depicted on the ivory carved brooch found on the front of the dress. The ivory piece is from Japan and has Japanese writing. I loved using it on this "America the Beautiful" dress, showing that we are a nation of mixed cultures and mixed beauty. Like the streams found in the mountains of North Carolina, the beads and burlap water fall down the side of the dress. The quilted material is free form machine embroidery which creates an unusual texture.

Charlie Parker's Delight

This Dress was inspired by a 1920's dress I had that was falling apart and I just couldn't let it disappear. I took as much material as I could from the antique dress and mixed it with this new amazing fabric that looks like plastic but is far from it. Hanging from the front are two antique velvet flowers. The back is really sexy. The lace is transparent so you can see the skin underneath. Red silk and gold crochet follow the line of the dress in the back. You can also find small ribbons and beaded flowers in the front of the dress on the blue silk fabric the was also machine embroidered.

Homage to Stephen Sprouse

The bracelet has a stiff structure. The structure of the piece is soldered brass and copper and is lined in the interior with black velvet. A mix of green and neon green beads adorn the outside along with a bright pink "flake" like yarn. Nuno felted antique cotton lace is what you see popping out of the felt to create this unique surface, which can not be duplicated. Bits of sari silk also make a bright impression with it's vibrant purple fiber.
These colors and the graphics I used brought to mind the work of Stephen Sprouse. The designer that made neon clothes actually look good.

Wool and Wood necklace

About the wood used: Lignum Vitae, Latin for "wood of life," is a tropical American evergreen tree of the genus Guajacum. The hard, dense, and durable wood, obtained chiefly from G. officinale and G. sanctum, is important for ship construction and other uses requiring strength and hardness. The trees are grown in Florida and California for ornament. They also yield guajacum, a gum resin used in certain drugs. Lignum Vitae is the national flower of Jamaica.

I used raw lama wool and crocheted it into a cocoon like strand using black silk yarn.

You can wear it in a single long strand or wrap it around your neck twice for a fuller look.

Nesting Time for Dylan

This necklace was inspired by the birth of my nephew. My sister was doing the mother nesting thing and is living in Boston. The recycled fox fur gives a warm and feathery look to the piece. The coral stone and glass beads represent me being far from her, here in Florida. Chains, silver wire, and wrapped yarn are the bonds that will always keep us together. Last but not least is Dylan, my beautiful nephew with his big blue eyes. Can you see what piece represents him?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Before and during the Organic Expressions show

I had a great time at the show! Thanks to all of you who attended, it was great to see you all look into my world. I have to admit it, it was a bit surreal and I hope you enjoyed the visit. THANK YOU Paul for doing such an amazing job with the "organic mannequins", the shelving and the hanging system you came up with for my pieces. The show looked cohesive, warm and inviting... just perfect and what I had envisioned in my head. 

The wine flowed, people asked questions and I enjoyed watching folks try to cop a feel of the pieces when no one was looking. 

A special thanks to Lisa Morris, the Gallery owner of RAF for letting me invade her space and giving me the opportunity to "put myself out there" for all to see. To my great surprise it didn't hurt a bit. I want you all to come see the show and not just because of my work but because you will miss the very talented work of  Ana B Galano. Her work is a total head trip and you have to see it in person to see the most amazing mix of color and ink. The show is open till May 9th so you still have a chance not to miss out.

Ana B Galano and me enjoying the show. Ana's work is on the left and mine on the right. The dress I'm wearing was made out of an antique victorian under skirt, a hand nuno felted piece of wool and a mix media crochet piece.

My sister Maria represented all of my relatives that couldn't make it to the show. She has always been a shining star, always bright, illuminating and inspiring. Thanks for coming Mary Elen. 

Cool looking folks enjoying the show, oops and touching too.

All the smaller objects hung on a wall, low enough for people to get close and touch if they liked.

Here are some of Ana's beautiful work. Come see the rest, remember you have until May 9th!

The dress on the right is a new piece and making it's premiere at the show. It's called "America the Beautiful".

The dress on the left is also making it's premiere, it's called "Charlie Parker's Delight". 

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Getting ready for the show

Here I am the day before the show putting the final touches on some of the show pieces. Do I look stressed or what?

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