Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brass mesh crochet necklace

I could have spent all night in the studio working... but my beagles and turtles wouldn't have liked that very much. 

Today I worked on a smaller scale, using plenty of detail work. The piece you see above is crocheted onto a brass mesh, this keeps the piece stiff and I can also shape it into what ever shape I want. I think this method has endless possibilities. This is a test, and I'm not finished yet, who knows how it will end up.

Keep Buzzy... Bee

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My first show

Well, I have to say I have discovered a few things about my self. 
A. I'm shy and I don't like approaching people... so I don't. 
B. I don't like snobs... but who does.

Don't get me wrong, this was a great first time out. I loved hearing people's reactions and seeing what they were attracted to. I'm thinking I tend to design for a younger audience but it could have been the venue... a private yacht clue tends to have an older crowd. I have to admit my stuff isn't main stream. THANK GOODNESS!!!! My daughter T was amazing. She helped me price all the pieces and was great at the show, socializing and walking around at one point wearing my scarves and hats. My husband Paul had his furnisher and objects also at the show. (You can see one of his tables in the pic above) I thought it was good for both of us to just get out into the sunlight and see the reaction. I think it was a great success and a boost to keep moving forward because we are moving in the right direction.

Keep Buzzy... Bee

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NO WAR hat

This is my last piece that I will have finished for the show on Saturday. My NO WAR hat is not a political statement about the current war. It is a statement about all wars. Any war is a bad war. I tried to make a hat that reflected the bits and pieces that are left after a battle has been fought. I have added glass bead skulls, stones, pieces of fabric that tell a tale of destruction. The horizontal lines symbolize the fields, the farms, the city and land where the devastation of war has occurred. This is one of my first pieces that I used typography and I hope to use more in the future.
Leave a comment, and wish me luck on Saturday. I'll take some pics of the display at the show.

Keep Buzzy!

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