Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Leaves Hat

Here is a photo (very beginning stage) of my new project. I was thinking that folks like hats so instead of just having one I would be able to offer two. The show is getting closer, but I might be able to squeeze out a couple of more pieces. The show is giving me a deadline, which I have been so well trained to meet. Only this time around I'm really enjoying making these sweaters, hats, scarves, felted jewelry and things. No opinions to have to deal with, no bad attitudes or god like egos. It feels pretty good to be a true Creative Director and follow my heart without having to deal with all that crap. This can only be a good thing... a very good thing!

Keep Buzzy...Bee


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My McClelland scarf will yet again save me from another scruffy blah filled year of Atlanta winter! Browns are a better choice in my opinion because they make all the other fall colors you wear with it really pop. I used to hate greys until I saw how much they gave to all the other colors they are put alongside. I am saaaad that I can't be at the show...I know it will 'blow away' all those boat people (Yes, even I know it was a bad joke, sorry!) Miss T in the ATL

September 30, 2008 at 3:08 PM  

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