Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Leaves Hat

Here is a photo (very beginning stage) of my new project. I was thinking that folks like hats so instead of just having one I would be able to offer two. The show is getting closer, but I might be able to squeeze out a couple of more pieces. The show is giving me a deadline, which I have been so well trained to meet. Only this time around I'm really enjoying making these sweaters, hats, scarves, felted jewelry and things. No opinions to have to deal with, no bad attitudes or god like egos. It feels pretty good to be a true Creative Director and follow my heart without having to deal with all that crap. This can only be a good thing... a very good thing!

Keep Buzzy...Bee

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Snow Fox Sweater completed!

I DID IT!!!!
I finished the sweater, with sleeves and all. Can you believe it? The sleeves are even in length and width too!!! Yes, this is a big deal for me, the anti pattern textile artist. Oh my god I just called myself a textile artist, I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Paul did (AGAIN) an amazing job of photographing the sweater, he always brings out the best in both the model and the garment he is shooting, god I love the guy! I am so happy to have one more item for the show in October. I might do another hat, I have a feeling the scarves and hats are big sellers. By the way the sweater is super warm, being 100% wool and fox fur you can just imagine.. better than a coat might be in winter time.

Let me know what you think.

Keep buzzy...Bee

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Garment Labels

Hi everyone, I am so excited about my garment labels. I had surfed the net for possible vendors so I can have embroidered labels. To my dismay, I have to have a minimum made in order for the labels to be produced. Well, you all know what that means... big bucks. So I figured out a way to make them at a cost of practically nothing. I had bought a bunch of ribbon for a dollar a roll at Michael's, and I had a package of Iron-on transfer paper. Well as you can see from the picture I now have what I need! I guess all the years of graphic design helped. I'm talking about before the computer age. You know the paper cutting years, one of the main reasons I went into graphic design and the reason I want to get out of it now.  The lack of the tactile art I love so much.

I will be posting my business cards and the catalog I put together as a direct mail piece which I will be sending to possible boutiques to represent my work. 

Next I have to make some hangtags. I have so much more small details I need to finish before my first show on October 18th.

Send me your good karma, wishes, prayers or what ever you thing I need to have a great show.

Keep Buzzy!....Bee

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Snow Fox Sweater update

I haven't been writing any entries lately because I was at a stand still. I did finish the main torso part of the sweater. But as I wrote before, I have never attached any sleeves to any of my sweaters. So I approached the problem in a sculptural way. I looked all over my house for something cylindrical that was approximately the same diameter as I wanted the sleeve to be. Paul is the one that came up with a terracotta wine cooler. I took one of his long tube sox and stretched it over the wine cooler for cushioning. It seems to be working out as you can see from the picture. I crochet around the cylinder, till I reach my desired length. Hope this method works. I thought this would give me a chance to make some fun shapes as I went along. I hope to have a finish photo up soon.

Keep Buzzy...Bee

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tibet Necklace

I had purchased the black carved plastic necklace part you see in the photo, in a shop in Sanibel Island here in Florida around two years ago, and I had stopped using it. The necklace was very cool when I bought it, but I realized I am wanting more of a longer necklaces than the one I had. I also want a softer more organic feel. So this morning before taking T to the bus stop I crocheted around the necklace and added some length also. So now I just have to put it around my neck without the use of a clasp. The material is from Tibet, a recycled silk from what is left on the floor after making high end robes for special events like weddings. It is spun into skeins for purchase. I love this material and I have found many ways of using it, in combination with wool or alone. Every skein is different, having more reds or purples or blues, really vibrate saturated colors. I have read plenty of knitters  complain that it's "impossible to use". I think crochet is the answer. This was a very small project, I was inspired because none of my necklaces where expressing the mood I was in. Let me know what you think.

Keep Buzzy... Bee 

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Snow Fox Sweater

I am 80% finished with this sweater. I am using an old 50's fox fur coat I cut up into long strips. I got the 100% wool from a woman in Ralvery, I'm glad I took the plunge and put out the cash. I might even add some sleeves on this one, wish me luck I've never made sleeves before. I wanted to make a big comfortable soft sweater and the wool is perfect for this. Because I crocheted the fur into the wool the fur is on the inside and the outside. This makes it so soft to wear and feels good up against the skin. Leave some comments I love hearing what you all think.

Keep Buzzy...B

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photo Shoot

Hi I'm back. Sorry I have taken so long to upload new images. I have been working on making new pieces for a show I'm having in October. I have to think not only about the pieces I'll be taking, but also how I'll design the actual display for the exhibition. I also have to design my business cards and have them printed. Oh yes, how about bags????  I am feeling much better now about what I will be showing after the photo shoot today. Paul, my husband (who is also exhibiting) shot the photos. We had a blast! If life can be as fun as today was, life would be called heaven. Paul was great at directing and it was hard to edit the film, since I had so much to choose from. I only wish I had a better model. I hope you like the pieces, and please leave comments.

Keep Buzzy!  I am. 

Pink Flake

Landscape Hat

Sail boat Dream Skirt

Tribal Top

Japan's Noodles Dress

Vintage Lace Dress

Underwater Scarf

Ocean Top

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Tribal Top

Just thought I should post something. I'm working on this at the moment. I'm adding some beads while I'm trying to figure out what to do next with the rest of it. I have finished two more pieces but I haven't gotten it together to photograph them since I have to wear it in order to have them shot. This top has quail feathers that my father in law gave me as a gift...thanks Richard! I'll post the final once it's compleated.

Keep Buzzy!

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