Thursday, August 21, 2008

OH MY GOD!!! I got some great mail today!

My friend Lynne has turned me onto a site called "Ravelry". "Ravelry" is a place where you can join forums or groups specific to what you are interested in. For example I joined a group called "Free Formation". This means crocheting free style without patterns! That's me!!!! The group member posts the work they have made and the work they have in progress. You can talk to any of them and they answer right away, how cool is that? There is also a group called "The Destash & ISO Library" I went and took a look and you can buy or trade yarn. The photo above shows what I got from my first buy. I looked up online how much just one of these cost and found out that the average price was $24.00 for just one of the larger skeins. I got all of these beautiful colors of Mohair for just $30.00 including shipping!!!! Thank you so much Jennifer!
I had to ask to be invited to the site, I waited three weeks but it was well worth it. I don't know if you can take a look into Ravelry but you can try.

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I just tagged you with a meme. Time to play along.

August 27, 2008 at 11:00 AM  

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