Thursday, August 28, 2008

White Haze mail

I'm getting the hang of finding the most incredible yarn on the "Ravelry" site. This is what I got in the mail today. I am so inspired. It's like getting a new Crayola crayon box for Christmas! The smell of the new colors was amazing, just like this wool. I never thought that sheep wool would make me feel the same way. The strange thing is that it has no color, or is it that it has all color that's why it's white. I have no idea what I'm going to make with it but it's pretty amazingly soft and springy stuff. 

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

OH MY GOD!!! I got some great mail today!

My friend Lynne has turned me onto a site called "Ravelry". "Ravelry" is a place where you can join forums or groups specific to what you are interested in. For example I joined a group called "Free Formation". This means crocheting free style without patterns! That's me!!!! The group member posts the work they have made and the work they have in progress. You can talk to any of them and they answer right away, how cool is that? There is also a group called "The Destash & ISO Library" I went and took a look and you can buy or trade yarn. The photo above shows what I got from my first buy. I looked up online how much just one of these cost and found out that the average price was $24.00 for just one of the larger skeins. I got all of these beautiful colors of Mohair for just $30.00 including shipping!!!! Thank you so much Jennifer!
I had to ask to be invited to the site, I waited three weeks but it was well worth it. I don't know if you can take a look into Ravelry but you can try.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Blue Heaven

I have started a new sweater. The color is what got me excited, it's the most amazing electric blue color. I  started the same way I did "Pink Flake". I don't know what it's going to end up looking like but as I said before that's half the fun. I'll add different textures of yarn and mix them all up. It reminds me of the way I cook. I take what I like from a recipe and leave out the ingredients I don't like and add some spices and seasoning I think will work better. It's hit or miss, but when I hit it, it's a keeper! Wish me luck and Keep Buzzy!

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New Discovery

Love this! This is Hand-tied twisted ramie made from the stalk of the ramie plant. The ends are twisted and connected by hand. Extremely labor intensive and is made in a small village in China. The vendor that makes it available is habu textiles in New York City. I called the store to get a feel for the pricing. The item comes only in 20.oz  skeins which will cost $112.00. Ahhhh the price of love is high, but maybe in the future when I get better at what I'm doing, I just might go for it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Pink Flake" Sweater Vest

This is what I worked on this weekend. I don't believe in patterns, even if I used a basic pattern for this pullover sweater vest. If you scroll down on my entries you will see how I began. I call the style "free form crochet". I made a base piece (shown in previous entry, below) put it on my dress form and began adding different types of yarn while crocheting right onto the form. What really inspired me was the bright pink yarn called "Flake", it's the fuzzy looking bright pink yarn. I got the yarn at Anneke's Needleworks here in South Miami. "Flake" wasn't cheap but Anneke gave me the yarn for 15% less (Thank You Anneka!) and I caved in and payed for this delicious pink yarn.  It was well worth every penny. I haven't yet completed the back, I  just have a small piece to go. When I complete "Pink Flake" I'll take a photo with it on so you can get the full effect. I'm really loving the direction this piece is going and I just might make a series. Leave your comments I would love to see what you think.  
Keep Buzzy!

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Felting Natural Objects, My First Try… Lignum vitae

Here you go Waywardinn525, here is a Lignum vitae that Paul and his sister salvaged in South Florida when they were children. Paul was turning a head piece for a tribal bench he was working on and one of the pieces that came off the large head piece was this beautiful shape. How can anyone let such a amazing natural object get thrown away? Well I didn't, I asked Paul to cut it into a curve, I sanded and polished the piece and took it with me to my felting class in Arrowmont School of Arts and Craft. This is a necklace which I have not yet finished. The Lignum vitae reacted in the most amazing way. It totally warped and arched, the process calls for the piece to be incased in wet wool fiber for a long period of time. I was kinda upset that it would stay bent, but to my surprise, as the felt dried the wood flattened back to it's original state. I guess I'm still in the experimental stage at this point. But can you imagine the endless possibilities?
Keep Buzzy!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nature and Felt

I received an email from my friend Pam. She just got back home from the Midwest Felting Symposium in Madison, WI. She is an amazing felter, when I say amazing it's because she is very creative and tries to push her limits to create something different and wonderful. She said that most of the folks that attended the classes at the symposium where people that got into it because they had sheep and were spinners. She comments that she needed a class that will pull in the more "artsy part of felting". Believe me her technique and manipulation of the fiber is perfect. As she put it "it didn't quite fill my art gap in felting". She knows what she is talking about being a retired art teacher. I so understand what she is talking about. A good teacher is someone that challenges your limits and your view of what the limits are of the fiber. Felt to me is limitless, tribes have made felt homes to live in for centuries and this is just a small example of its durability and a good example of its water proof ability. I told Pam that I have been throwing around the idea of felting natural objects, like the seed pods I show in the image above. Imagine the seeds felted and slowly falling apart inside the felt. Would the shape change? Would the elements that make up the felt (sheep wool) keep the seed pods from changing? Who knows, has it ever been tried. Then after pods are felted they can be embroidered into or even needle felted or beaded. You see the possibilities are endless! This is the stuff that fuels my passion, untouched possibilities for a centuries old technique to create a new form of art.

By the way if anyone of you guys have a lotus seed pod (image in the center) just send it my way.
Keep Buzzy!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Interesting weekend

On Saturday, August 2nd I cleaned out the two hallway closets and organized all the fitted, flat sheets and pillowcases for both T's bed and Paul's and mine. I did laundry, washed dishes and did all the stuff I can't get to all week. T was with her father while Paul was working at the studio with Marcus photographing Paul's work. We need professional images so I can start designing and mailing postcards and collateral pieces of his work. I found myself alone at home and around 1:00 in the afternoon I couldn't stand not being out in the Florida sun. So I called my friend Lynne and asked what she was up to. She was picking up here brand new yellow and black SMART car.  Oh my god how cute! I extended my arms out and I could actually hug the car, it's no wider than my total arm extension. We met up at Anneke's Needlework which is the most wonderful store for yarns... I spent $70. I can never walk out of that place without something yummy to use in my projects. Since I became suddenly poor, my good friend Lynne and her husband Marc took me out to lunch at a Thai restaurant in Coral Gables. Thank you guys!

Sunday, August 3rd was an entirely different type of a day. I wanted to go on an adventure, discover a new place in Florida that I've never been to. Paul was game since he worked all week and Saturday at the studio. So off we went in my Jeep to Key Largo! By the time we got there we, where starving. Since we didn't have any plans we drove till something jumped out and said "eat here, it's your destiny". We both saw the sign for Snapper's, a restaurant right on the water, exactly what I had in mind! The view was great (pic 1) the food was good and the company (pic 2) was awesome. After having a delicious lunch we headed to Gilbert's.  I had heard about the place but I had never been. Paul had been before he met me about six years ago. Paul kinda looks like the pirate (pic 3) doesn't he? The guy in pic 4 was a bar fly that attached himself to me and Paul. He opened his mouth and I knew immediately he was from Brooklyn. He was reading the Daily News a not well respected newspaper from New York. He was entertaining, told us he was a chef and spoke in detail about some of his best dishes. Tough guy could have been a retired mobster, a "Joey" as he put it. I would love to try his famous Key Lime Canoly, YUMMMM!!!  Pic 5 is the bar, a real beach dive atmosphere not at all like Snapper's. Forgot to mention that we saw some Tarpon . Paul took me once to feed these cool guys, that was an other adventure. Pic 6 was our first bartender, Jeff. He was running around like a chicken without his head on. Kinda grumpy till backup help arrived then he chilled out and became friendlier. Pic 7 is the first of 4 rounds of Long Island Iced Tea drinks. Pic 8, I loved these chairs. Pic 9 American flag bandana on a Suzuki motorcycle, lame! Pic 10 a fish bar you could order from, I was frightened when I discovered the dead fish by the water (pic 11). Made me think I won't be ordering any fish here. Pic 12 two very cute girls, made me miss T. Pic 13 and 14 is the relief bartender. She so reminded me of my friend Tania. Paul and I gave her the name of Green Pirate. Pic 15 and 16 are photos of an old guy that has been making these kitsch type stuff,  he confessed to me for the last twenty years. His car was stacked with the stuff, I wonder if he sold any that day. The last row is me and the wonderful views from this hidden Florida treasure. If you are ever in the neighborhood you have to stop in and have yourself a Long Island Iced Tea. Take my advice make your maximum intake just two.
Keep Buzzy!

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