Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sometimes I like my job

Well today I spent part of my day researching Marc Chagall for a Jewish project I have to complete at work. His work is difficult to categorize. He took inspiration from Belarusian folk-life, and portrayed many Biblical themes that reflected his Jewish heritage. Born in Belarus in 1887, at the time part of the Russian Empire, he lived to be 97. He mixed Cubism and Fauvism with strong symbolic elements. The colors are so vibrant and at times dark and sad. He had a very interesting life. One story I found amazing was that he was arrested in St. Petersburg while studying at Zvantseva School of Drawing and Painting. At the time (1908-1910) Jewish residents were only allowed to live in St. Petersburg with a permit. He was jailed for a short period for the infringement of this restriction. I love his work and his dedication to his beliefs. Check out his work and be inspired to be proud of your roots and your beliefs. 

Keep Buzzy! 


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