Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Inspirational Yarn

I bought these three yummy yarns this weekend, plus the bright blue one you see in the Electric Blue top shown below. I went to the yarn store just to buy the wool that I ran out of for the Vintage String Dress (see right). But when I saw these I just had to have them; so very beautiful and wanting to be more than just a plain scarf. I was holding all of them in my hands when I caught the attention of one of the six women waiting at a table for the Saturday morning knitting lesson.  She looked at me and said "someone is going to have fun." "What are you knitting?" I said that I'm going to use these in my felting. "Oh so you're going to knit with the yarn then shrink it down and felt. I explained to her that I actually make felt from lose wool fiber then I take these new yarns and incorporate them into the piece. And then the most wonderful thing came out of her mouth. She said "Oh, then you're a fiber artist". I just wanted to run out of there so fast so I could get working. I told her that maybe, someday I will call myself a fiber artist but it might be a long time from now.

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