Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scarf with balls

Here I went by the book... sort of. I followed the instructions on length and width but added some fun elements. I have silk, cotton and wool yarn trapped between the felt fiber. You can see in this shot, I poked some marbles on the opposite side of the felt and wrapped them with rubber bands. Then I free motion embroidered around each marble. I hope to post part two later today.

Nuno Felting Part 2

Well I learned a lot! A. I have to start off with a longer set up, if I want a longer scarf, way longer. The felt shrinks down to almost 50%, taking the silk with it. B. Next time I think I'll add more felt, so less of the silk will show. I am still planing to free hand embroider into the piece. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Work being done at the studio

I'm a bit bumbed that I couldn't work in the studio last night. I get one night during the week to work on my felting, but last night Paul and I took all the time cleaning up the studio after the roof was worked on. Paul was so kind to cover my work so no damage was done to any of my pieces, but we had tar and small gravel stones come down between the ceilings beams. I hope to have more pics probably on Friday since I am taking off from work both Thursday and Friday. Thursday I plan to take my little sis Erika and her husband Joe to the Design district here in Miami. I hope I'll remember to take pics and post a couple. 
Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My first try at nuno felting

You are probably wondering what Nuno felting is. Here is a very short definition... Nuno: wool fiber forming a design and felted on to fabric. As the wool shrinks, it pulls the fabric with it and produces interesting gathered areas. You are looking at the laying out of the wool fiber before I get busy felting. I'll post an after shot so you can see the effect the wool has on this 100% white silk gauze. I'm planning for this to be a top that is transparent in spots. Wish me luck.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Our very own Swallowtail Butterfly

I really didn't think it was possible, to have a butterfly grow from a tiny caterpillar to a full blown Swallowtail butterfly inside Tupperware. Isn't Tupperware made for those 1950's moms that love to keep leftovers for as long as possible, you know just in case? My daughter T was given a Swallowtail caterpillar by our good friend Carol (thanks Carol!). T was given the mission... a mission impossible, but she accepted the mission with fearless belief that it is possible to be Mother Nature and that the real Mother Nature wouldn't get pissed and not allow such an event to take place. At around 10 p.m. T heard fluttering in her room, it was coming from the Tupperware. T began screaming "it hatched" or something like that, and Paul and I went to see the miracle that is life. This meant that T had accomplished her mission. We awed at it's magnificent wings and the bright colors, colors that even Paul could see (color blindness you know). I decided to put this wonderful event as a post since at the very moment that T yelled out that we had lift off, I was sketching a wing into my sketchbook. I had also told Paul this morning how I can make tiny wings to go with a piece that I had in my head, butterfly wings, maybe. Now who exactly is mother nature? I think it's all of us. In our own small way we all effect the environment everyday. 

We let  the butterfly lose in the back yard near the calamondin tree, since we had noticed that for some strange reason butterflies love that tree. He/she was gorgeous, thanks Mother Nature and Carol for the privilege of seeing such beauty up close.

Sea Bird

Here is another project that I'm working on. I began this project in my Arrowmont class. I started with the beaded piece and then the shell. The shell is felted in two different layers and hangs from a felted cord. The feathers are quail,  I have a whole boa of the quail feathers, a gift from my father in law. Thanks Richard!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vintage String Dress details

I read one of my comments and was told my images were too small, so I am putting these detail shots of the String Dress so you can see the embroidery and felting better. The next time you see the dress it will be finished.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Inspirational Yarn

I bought these three yummy yarns this weekend, plus the bright blue one you see in the Electric Blue top shown below. I went to the yarn store just to buy the wool that I ran out of for the Vintage String Dress (see right). But when I saw these I just had to have them; so very beautiful and wanting to be more than just a plain scarf. I was holding all of them in my hands when I caught the attention of one of the six women waiting at a table for the Saturday morning knitting lesson.  She looked at me and said "someone is going to have fun." "What are you knitting?" I said that I'm going to use these in my felting. "Oh so you're going to knit with the yarn then shrink it down and felt. I explained to her that I actually make felt from lose wool fiber then I take these new yarns and incorporate them into the piece. And then the most wonderful thing came out of her mouth. She said "Oh, then you're a fiber artist". I just wanted to run out of there so fast so I could get working. I told her that maybe, someday I will call myself a fiber artist but it might be a long time from now.

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Inside the Hive

This is my utopia, inside my hive. I'm here tonight but not doing a lot of work on any pieces. I'm mostly uploading pics to the blog.  Paul (my adorable husband) is working hard down stairs in his "utopia". I might post some shots of his space so you can see how his work is what I call "dirty" and mine "clean". Felting uses soap and plenty of water, making the art a very "clean"one. Paul's art is metal and wood with a lot of welding which equals dirt and fire. That's kinda funny He's "fire" and I'm "water".  He's "dirty" and I'm "clean"....NOT.   

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Coral Cuff

Bumpy cuff

Electric Blue top

I have been working on mixing felt with different fibers and using heavy embroidery both hand and machine. This piece is what I'm working on at the moment. At the bottom you can see where I have begun to do some heavy embroidery and crochet.  (See detail) I have a long way to go, but thought it would be fun to post the process.

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Here is the first post! Yes it's me... Bee. I hope to add plenty of photos and comments about my world "The Hive". Once I figure out how to use this thing. Stay tuned and check back daily. Bye I've got to buzz.....